The EDS Method

EDS was established on the belief that in order to effectively fight disease, innovation must occur. With decades of research sitting in online databases such as PubMed, NIH, Gene Cards, Protein Atlas, European Molecular Biology Labs, and many others, new research tools are needed to organize and analyze these mass amounts of data points.

Testing one hypothesis or idea at a time is inefficient. The scientific method originated at a time of very limited data isolated in disconnected universities scattered around the globe. 

The Scientific Method - circa. 1800


Get an idea after reading hundreds of research papers 


Procure materials and determine methods


Store results for later processing and analysis


Determine if hypothesis is proven

The EDS Method... Unlocking New Opportunities

We live in a very different world today. The internet, big data, public databases, and cloud computing are being used by successful businesses such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon every day. 

There is a way to gather new insight quickly and efficiently. At EDS, we have re-engineered the process to enable an optimized meta-analysis of data pertaining to any specific disease. With this new process we are able to take enormous amounts of data as raw input it into our systems. We can then examine data points that show important patterns and relationships in regards to gene expression and disease. 

To face the biggest challenges of our day in fighting disease, we now have the data and tools to test billions of hypothesis in hours. We can look at and make sense of genetics, epigenetics, pathology, and systems biology data. 

Our software highlights all crucial genes that are either over or under expressed enabling disease to thrive. These become our gene targets that are again run through our software. This time, they are being run against thousands of supplements to see which can effectively push back against the dysregulation. Our goal is to find targeted combinations that will interrupt disease formation and progression. 


Derived from research papers, epigenetic data, and biological pathway info from databases around the world.

Prepare and
Analyze Data

Combine data into knowledge graph to uncover patterns and relationships 

New Knowledge

Software programmed to determine selection criteria

Ready to

Billions of hypothesis tested, only the most promising are reported.

The EDS Process

The hard work of thousands of researchers worldwide over decades forms the input to the data funnel. What looks like discreet disconnected data points are sent in.

  • Genes associated with disease. PubMed documents, epigenetic data, survival data, biological pathway information is acquired.
  • Knowledge graph is constructed. Genetic targets are identified.
  • Target genes are screened and given a weighting for further processing.
  • Billions of tests run against known chemical interactions to determine optimal treatment options.

The resulting treatment options are the optimal combinations of non-toxic, safe for human consumption chemicals (supplements) to target the genes identified. Typically the combinations are 3-5 chemicals.