Reasons To Choose Us

Epigenetic Data Sciences (EDS) is trusted by traditional doctors, integrative medicine medical providers, and naturopathic doctors. Cancer is a tenacious disease for which there is currently no cure; however, advancements in medical research has helped in the deeper understanding of cancer develops and metastasizes, giving us new information on how to approach this disease. 

Leveraging massive databases of peer-reviewed scientific research available, our EDS team takes an innovative approach to epigenetics and systems biology with the goal of normalizing gene expression. Our team thinks outside of the box as we study and test thousands of supplements combinations against dysregulated genes associated with breast cancer. In contrast to most traditional treatments that target one gene, our team has identified and target more than 100 genes in the development of our supplement protocols. Our Indigo supplement protocol is non-toxic and can be used as a stand-alone option or as complementary to traditional treatments.

Simply said … Everything that we do is backed by science. This fact helps medical providers feel confident in choosing our products to aid in their patients fight against breast cancer, and it relieves the stress of patients who sometimes are unsure of whether a product will have any benefit to them.