Epigenetic Data Sciences Announces New Research Initiative 

Epigenetic Data Sciences Announces New Research Initiative 

New Trial Focuses on Improving Health Outcomes for Patients Living with Breast Cancer 

BALTIMORE, MD.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a major step forward to bring patients new options in the fight against cancer, Epigenetic Data Sciences, Inc. (EDS) and University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) have agreed to provide access to UMBC’s laboratories and graduate students in support of EDS’s science and tech-driven breast cancer formulations and research initiatives. 

EDS will be conducting a multi-phase trial at UMBC’s Biological Sciences Laboratory to test their Indigo protocol against specific cancer cell lines, with an initial focus on breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer. 

“Understanding genes and gene expression problems in cancer is key to understanding what drives a cancer cell. Harnessing the knowledge generated around the world allows us the opportunity to gain the clearest picture of cancer to date. This knowledge informs optimal non-toxic protocols to offer patients an option, firmly rooted in science, in cancer self-care. We are thrilled to start rigorously testing our unique approach. If successful, we look forward to offering our protocols to those suffering from this horrible disease in the near future.” said Andrew Pollack, CEO, EDS. 

The agreement is the latest to embrace UMBC’s researchers and labs, which delivers a unique depth and breadth of skills. Charles Bieberich, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Sciences at UMBC and The Bearman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, said the wide-ranging collaboration with EDS also marks a significant step in realizing new technology and data’s place in treatment. 

About Epigenetic Data Sciences
With work beginning in 2014, Epigenetic Data Sciences is leading the fight against disease with cutting edge technologies through multiple disciplines. EDS is a pioneer in combining systems biology, epigenetics, and data science to study the abnormal gene expression critical for disease formation and progression. This knowledge is key to formulating plans to counter this dysregulation. With the Cancer and Neuro-Aging divisions up and running, EDS is on a mission to help those living with disease feel more confident in their self-care. For more information about EDS visit EpigeneticDS.com or follow us on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.